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Image by Alexander Andrews

Style and substance

I’ve always been passionate and aware of being responsible within the industry. So in late 2019 I made the decision to simplify how I work and in hindsight what a relief.


Focusing on designing and creating my own unique pieces, utilising available fabrics right here in the UK. This enables me to minimise the impact of purchasing collection dresses from suppliers, many of whom have factories based in the Far East. I now create bespoke, sustainable pieces that are truly unique and I’ve never been happier. ❤️


Defined by you

What we wear daily has always been an important way of expressing and defining who we are. This is why Bridal is the perfect opportunity to harness the power of personal expression where enduring style, individuality, imagination and interpretation can create one off design.

A Bridal outfit is a statement of ones self, which when making design decisions can seem daunting - where to start? We make style choices every day despite the constant changes in fashion trends. We do it subconsciously when navigating the world of what is or isn't fashionable, reflecting our own preferences interpreting fashions with our own individual sense of style!

Of course no two individuals are the same and each design project is tailored to your vision, hence we offer a range of options. Your choices and imagination can be limitless and I'm here to guide your design process however you choose to approach it.

Image by Roberto Martinez

Bespoke design

We begin with a consultation where we'll discuss your ideas, themes and get to know you as we begin to realise your individual style and draw up your design. We will take this opportunity to take your measurements too. Next stage once your design is drawn is to translate that into a paper pattern from which i'll make a toile, a cotton version of your basic shape to be adjusted for a perfect fit where necklines or skirt shape can be tweaked.


Your design will take shape and become a final pattern to be cut in your fabric of choice and fitted to you once again before finishing. This may be multiple appointments. At your final fitting we'll address any finishing touches and arrange for you to collect. This process can take around 6 months so please give yourself plenty of time before your wedding date. All projects are different depending on cut and fabrics.


Prices start at £1250 - £3000


Up-Cycle & Rework

Have an outfit already and want to rework and reimagine it? Perhaps you'd like cap shoulders or subtle straps adding or the neckline changing. What about swapping put the zipper for a classic lace up?


Maybe it's sentimental and you'd like elements incorporating in a new design. Making a dress become a new is a real creative journey and the ultimate in



Fit & Alter

You may have found your gown already and simply need those final little adjustments to make her fit properly, shortening or a nip and a tuck. Perhaps something just doesn't feel right and you need some advice.


It's always amazing to see the difference it makes to a bride once her dress fits like its supposed to.

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